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Two Guns @ SHOT Show for the 17 WSM


1885 Low Wall Winchester in 17 WSM

Only two guns were available at SHOT Show, 2013 for the new Winchester Super Magnum rimfire cartridge.  By next year there will undoubtedly be many more.


Savage B Mag

The Savage B Mag has some new features that make it well suited for Winchester’s newest hot rimfire.  This is an all new platform for rimfires from Savage.  Rear locking lugs, cock on close, eight round rotary magazine, threaded barrel and an adjustable accu trigger TM.  MSRP is $349.

For more info see this link: 17-winchester-super-magnum-rim-fire


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Hornady Brings 300 H&H Back!

Hornady ammunition will bring the 300 H&H back from the dead for 2009. 

The loading will be a 180 grain Hornady InterBond TM bullet.  This bonded core bullet will perform well in the 300 H&H.  Around the time that the Short Magnum craze took off a few years back the gun manufacturers all dropped the old school 300 H&H.  It required a long action, the standard 300 Winchester could equal the H&H with a Medium length action, and of course the new WSM & RSAUM cartridges were able to nearly duplicate the same ballistics from a short (308 length) action. 

Non of that has changed, so why in Hornady bringing back this dinosaur?  Well, the answer is pretty simple, this caliber was the 300 Magnum for the better part of 40 years when the 300 Winchester arrived on the scene and the H&H continued to be offered by various factory gun makers up to about 2000.  Since then it has been purely a custom offering, being offered by gunsmiths everywhere.  To make a long story short, there are a lot of guns out there hungry for factory ammo in 300 H&H so Hornady is filling that need.

Hornady's new 300 H&H loaded with a 180 grain bullet.
Hornady’s new 300 H&H loaded with a 180 grain bullet.

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New Production Winchester Model 70 Rifles

By now most shooters are aware that FN owns the Winchester name.  FN has a production facility in Columbia, South Carolina, where they produce military contract firearms.  This plant is the new home of the Winchester M70.  Barrels are hammer forged, actions are still made from forgings, and all Model 70’s manufactured during 2008 will have a special floor plate marked, “2008 Model 70 Special Edition”.

FN decided that the old Model 70 design deserved a new trigger, dubbed the M.O.A. trigger.  This is a three lever trigger that provides a 2 to 1 mechanical advantage.  Unlike the old model 70 trigger, this trigger is held in a housing, probably the best part of this new trigger is that they are factory adjusted to 3.5 pounds.  That is pretty light when compared to some triggers on factory rifles running up to 6 pounds.

The first offerings will be limit to nine calibers including all three WSM calibers, also available will be 30-06, 270, 243, 7mm-08, 308, and 300 Winchester.  It’s good to see this old friend back on the market.



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