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Safari Club International joins the court battle over Wolves in the West.

On May 28, 2008 attorneys from Safari Club International, the states of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, the federal government, animal rights groups, and other sporting and ranching groups, crowded into a Missoula, Montana courthouse to argue the temporary fate of Northern Rocky Mountain wolves.  In all, eight individual attorneys each weighed in about whether the federal court should grant a preliminary injunction motion that would place wolves back on the endangered species list for the period of time necessary for full litigation of the animal rights groups’ challenge to wolf delisting.  The federal government attorney defended the legality of the delisting action and each of the state attorneys demonstrated why their states’ laws and management plans would sufficiently maintain viable wolf populations. SCI took its oral argument opportunity to explain that the balance of public interests, represented by the diverse parties involved in the lawsuit, and each affected differently by the status of wolves, was best served with wolves remaining off the endangered species list.  The court took the matter under consideration and promised to rule expeditiously.

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