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Lapping Scope Rings for improved contact, Part II

A simple tool to level the scope crosshairs to the gun.Wheeler’s Professional scope mounting kit includes the Level, Level, Level set.  This first level attaches to the gun via a magnet.  Steel scope mounts normally have a flat that can be used to mount the level.

I double checked to see that a flat on the action was aligned level with the scope base, because the level would be in the way of the scope during mounting if positioned as shown here.

Placing the level on the action to leave room for the scope over the base.



With the level in place we know that the action is level, so we can move on to install the scope in our lapped rings.

On a gun with factory length of pull, that would be 13.5″ to 13.75″ measured from the center of the butt plate or pad to the center of the trigger, the rear ocular of the scope should be 12.5″ to 13″ from the heel of the stock.  This will set up the scope so that you or your client will not receive the nasty crimson caterpillar.

Wheeler Engineering Levels in place to insure level mounting of scope. In the picture at left you can see that both the rifle and scope are level, insuring the crosshairs match up level to the rifle.  This is one of the simplest methods of leveling I have ever used.   I have a level that I can clamp on the barrel for the same purpose, but this system is faster and will work with most situations.

The Wheeler kit includes Loctite for the screws and bases.Wheeler also includes Loctite so that screws and bases can be mounted solid, without fear that they will loosen up or move.

Nikon scope mounted level to the rifle.



The final stop in the process assemble the rings and tighten them up to hold the scope.  Again the levels are used to make sure nothing moves during this process, and if it does it’s simple to move it back with the levels as a reference.  Once the scope is collimated (bore sighted) your ready for the range.

Up to this point I did not mention one thing, the kit from Wheeler Engineering includes a DVD on how to use the kit.  I watched the DVD with the mindset that I did not know how to do this work, it was well thought out and I think anyone with a little desire could use the kit with great success.  There is nothing left to question.   Possibly most important is that there is nothing else I would add to the kit, they thought of everything you need to mount a scope and it is in this kit.  The professional kit pictured here includes all the tools for both 30mm and 1″ tube scopes, it could not be more complete.

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