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Renting Reamers Can Be a Life Saver

I have heard many gunsmiths say they would never rent a reamer.  How foolish…  Buying a reamer you will probably only use once is a waste of money.  But, more important even than that is the fact that sometimes time is the most important concern.  Renting a reamer is a fast way to get the tool you need and not poor resources into a stagnant tool.

The reason most gunscranks give for not renting is they figure the tools have to be poor quality.  All you have to do is think about business, profit comes from repeat customers, so no rental place will knowingly send you a bad tool.  Next time you have a client breathing down you neck because you have had a job on the shelf too long, consider saving time by renting the tools.  I always pass this cost along to the client, some shops even mark it up a little.  Probably depends on your client base when it comes to the pricing.

fitting a rifle barrel

Reamer snobs make less money and their rifles don’t necessarily shoot any better than anybody else’s.  Here’s to saving time and making money!

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4D Reamer Rental made it to the Shot Show for 2009

4D Reamer Rental Show Show booth 2009

4D Reamer Rental Show Show booth 2009

If you are not familiar with this service 4D rents chamber reamers, headspace gauges, and many specialized gunsmith tools to the trade.  You can find them on our blog roll.

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