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Mobile Range

You read that right…  Mobile Range Technologies is proud to introduce
53 ft Mobile Ranges at The 2019 SHOT Show!

One will be a 12 yard range and the other one is 10 yards, with a control room for a range officer. Both will have rear entrances and include the following features:


53′ Dry Van Pistol Range (most common pistol calibers up to 44 MAG (not rifle caliber pistols) 360⁰ Steel plating with:

✓ 2 Shooting Booths include 2 LED Lights per booth plus LED target lighting
✓2 Shooters Shelf that folds flush into wall (center 3rd shooting lane option will be a fold down shelf)
✓ 2 Shooting Lanes 12 yards (10 Yard w/control Room Option) with touch screen controlled wall mounted target retrieval system (patent pending)
✓ MRT Bullet Trap (patent pending)
✓ MRT HEPA Air Filtration (patent pending) with 4 ton AC/Heat pump we use 100% outdoor air that passes across the shooters.
✓Spray foam Insulation
✓Alum. Stairs
✓ 2″ Sound Foam on Ceiling and 1.5” of sound absorbing rubber or 2” sound foam on walls (firing line forward)
✓ Rubber Floor
✓ Meet / Exceed Federal Standards
✓ Easy to clean Stainless Steel (or 2” sound foam) up to Firing Line
✓ 100% Built-In Controls Throughout
✓ All Components Built-In to Walls
✓ Only needs 50amp (70amp w/control room) 208/220 circuit
✓ 1-year warranty
✓ Free Training in Wichita Falls TX.

Optional Features

  • Programmable Target Retrieval System
  • Integrated Live Fire Simulator
  • Camera System
  • Intercom System
  • 3rd Shooting Lane
  • Tactical Training Gates
  • Custom Decals and Rifle Rated up to .308 Win

Rifle Rated Would Have a Rubber Block Bullet Trap

We also have a Shot Show special for orders placed at the show or by February 10th 2019.

Scott Hinton, Owner
Mobile Range Technologies

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Sight Block, Shooting Block, Shot Show 2013

sightBlockThis 14 pound composite rubber block is made of 100% recycled rubber particles.

Ever have a sand bag get wet, or start leaking on you.  This block will not absorb water and there is nothing to leak out.   It will not freeze or decompose.  A great tool for outdoor ranges.

The shape and contours of the Sight Block allow the shooter of various guns to utilize the block for a stable shooting platform that will not shift when you least expect it.  Its a simple tool but will last a lifetime.  www.inrangesupplies.com

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Portable Cleaning Tank from Secure Firearms Products

Showing how the sealled cleaning containg fits in the bottom of the MTM box.

Demonstrating how the new cleaning tank easily fits in the MTM field box.


OK, your at the range and realize that your gun or more likely a clients gun is so gummed up with crud that it will not function.   Don’t you just hate wasted trips to the range?

The guys at Secure Firearms Products hate those wasted trips too.  So they came up with a way to take a solvent tank to the range without the mess and smell in your car.

They make these tanks in a couple of sizes.  The small tank fits inside the MTM AC11 and AC35 ammo cans.  The solvent tank has a seal but just in case it might leak or you spill solvent on the outside of the tank.  Just set the sealed thank in the MTM ammo can and seal it up.  NO muss, no fuss, best of all no smell.

Large and small tanks available.

Note the lift out tray so you don't have to fish for parts.

Also a great solution for hobby smiths who do not have room for a big cleaning area.  This tank can be closed up and put away when not in use making it a convenient and useful tool for any shop with limited space.

The lift out trays have hooks built in so they can hang over the tank and allow the solvent to drain back into the tank without spill.  In the upper right of the photo above you can see the gasket material that seals the lid to the tank.

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Shooting Range Grant Program Created by NSSF

NEWTOWN, Conn. — The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has announced a new program designed to help local public and private ranges increase participation in the shooting sports.

The Range Partnership Grant Program is making available a total of $250,000 per year for projects that specifically address one or more of the following objectives: recruitment of new shooters, reactivation of lapsed shooters and increased opportunities for active shooters to try another discipline. The NSSF is especially interested in new, creative approaches to these challenges.

“This program was inspired by the success of our Hunting Heritage Partnership grant program, which funds recruitment and retention efforts conducted by state wildlife agencies,” commented NSSF Senior Vice President Chris Dolnack. “We are confident that this concept will also work for shooting ranges.”

Eligible organizations are limited to public or private ranges and clubs, or educational institutions with hunting or shooting sports curriculums and faculty.

Grant guidelines and applications are available at www.rangeinfo.org/grants

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