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The Double Tap from Heizer Defense

This is the first model offered by Heizer specifically designed for the concealed carry market.  A light weight (14 oz.) and durable back-up pistol made with either a titanium or aluminum  frame.  Caliber choices are currently limited to 9mm or 45 ACP.  The trigger is a double action ridding on ball bearings.  Two rounds in the chambers and room for two more stored inside the grip.  It has a break-action and optional ported barrels.

100% U.S. Made pistol

Double Tap™ Tactical PistolSuggested Retail Prices Non-Ported Ported
Aluminum $499.00 $569.00
Titanium $729.00 $799.00


October 11, 2012  Raymond B. Kohout, Inventor, DoubleTap announced today that he terminated his agreement with Heizer to manufacture the DoubleTap.  Apparently the company was not able to produce the gun in quantities required to fill orders.  Kohout is looking for a new manufacturer to build his design.  This little gun has received a fair amount of attentions since it’s introduction, don’t be surprised if it comes back to the market very soon.


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Win a free course at Front Sight, worth $2000

4D Reamer Rental LTD. is a company that rents gunsmithing tools to the trade and to hobby smiths as well.

For the Month of January 2012 they are hosting a Sweepstakes.  The prize is a 4-day “Defensive Handgun Training” class taught by the professionals at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.  Here is a chance for some lucky shooter to get some awesome training for Free.
Visit www.4-dproducts.com to enter.

4D is fairly computer savy, you can also find them at Facebook
If you prefer Twitter, 4D figured out a way for you to get extra entries. If folks follow your tweet about the sweeepstacks and enter you get additional entries in the sweepstakes, Click here to Access the Twitter Entry Form

Of course 4D is doing this to build awareness of the services they offer the shooting public and specifically anyone who works on guns.  Why should that stop you from taking a chance on winning a very cool prize, 4 days at Front Sight building your defensive handgun skills!  Sign up right away, this contest ends January 31, 2012.


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Podcast of gunsmithing information.

Want more Talk about gunsmithing?  Check out http://gunsmithingradio.com/

New episodes are posted about every two weeks.  Supplemental show notes appear on the gunsmithing radio web site.  The notes include pictures that help make the show a little easier to translate into real world.

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Increase accuracy in Revolvers.

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Firearms Guide 2011, DVD

Comprehensive resource for gun nuts.Picked this guide up at the Shot Show, over the years I have probably seen twenty of these either in print or on CD.  I have to be honest though, this is the first time I have looked through a guide like this and enjoyed myself.

It is easy to use, loads fast on the computer, and the interface is pretty intuitive.  The folks at Impressum Media, Inc. really did impress me with this collection of data.

There are schematics from 130 different manufacturers, 500 printable targets.  But that is just a small part of what is on this disc.  There are pictures of the various models of guns.

Factory ammo is well represented with details including bullet weight, # of rounds per box, suggested retails, and even a little commentary about the caliber.  Some include velocity, energy, and the length of barrel used to test the ammo.  Pictures accompany most if not all cartridge listed.

The menus allow you to jump from one area of the guide to another with just a click of the mouse.  You can sort data by caliber, manufacturer, model and a host of other data points.  I even found my own address information in the FFL Locator.

The Firearm Guide includes information on a claimed 50,000 + guns.  I counted 15 different ways I could sort the the gun or feature that I’m interested in.  There is a picture for each model listed and you can zoom in to see details, I found the serial # in more than one picture and could read the #. If you need more detail than this you better get in the car and head to the gun shop.

Ok, I am done gushing…  I am going to do some research, I wonder how many different model rifles come in 6.5 mm Grendel?

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John M. Browning Honored by Utah Legislature!

Browning was the most prolific gun designer of the last century, designing rifles, pistols, shotguns, machine guns, and artillery no other designer is more deserving of such attention.  In recognition of his lasting contributions to the

John Moses Browning honored by Utah Legislature!development of firearm design and the military defense of the United States, the Utah State Legislature has officially designated January 24, 2011 as John M. Browning Day. A native of Ogden, Utah, John M. Browning is widely considered the world’s greatest firearms designer, and many of his gun designs remain popular around the globe to this day.

In his biography, “John M. Browning, American Gunmaker” The story of how he accepted a greatly reduced royalty for his work during World War I.  His brother Matt recalled that he expected John to take a little time to discuss the offer.  Instead Browning said, “Major if that suits Uncle Sam, it’s all right with me.”  When they left the office Matt mentioned to John that they could have had much more money without any real negotiation, to which John replied, “Yes, and  if we were fifteen or twenty years younger we’d be over there in the mud!”

The official commemoration took place on January 24th at the Utah State Capitol Rotunda in Salt Lake City.  Utah Governor Gary Herbert is scheduled to make a formal presentation of the resolution to Christopher Browning, the great grandson of John M. Browning, at the noon ceremony on the capitol steps.

1911 Pistol, 45 ACP

It was March 29th, 1911 when the 1911 pistol was adopted so 2011 is the 100th anniversary of that adoption of Browning’s 1911 .45 caliber automatic pistol by the US Army. A century later this pistol  remains in active military use with US special operations forces and is more popular than ever among civilians, gun collectors, competitive shooters and law enforcement officers.  John M. Browning’s influence is so far reaching that in Europe a “browning” is the common name for a semi-auto pistol.

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M1911 range tool that we could all use.











Caspian has this tool for 1911 pistol fans.  Its a handy tool that will allow you to work on your 1911 at the range without a whole box full of tools.  Because its design specifically for one gun it has everything you need in the way of tools at the range and it fits in a small belt pouch when not in use.  I like it!

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Here is a great place to print targets.

Lots of different targets to choose from. Something for every discipline.


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Apex Tactical Announcing New Product

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John Allchin, Gunsmith & World Class Shooter

I went to Gunsmithing School with John.  Not only is the a great shot, he is one of the funniest guys I have ever met.  John also own a company that manufactures various gun related parts.  He is inventive and have come up with some pretty cool products.  Check them out at:  www.allchingunparts.com

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