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Update on North Dakota CDC Study

When I first reported on this study the full text of the study was not available. If you would like to read the entire report it is available as a PDF at the site below.

Share this information with your hunting buddies. I was talking to a Fish & Game officer in Wyoming who told me that this lead scare has some long time hunters worried. There is no reason to be concerned read the study for yourself, folks who eat game meat have less lead in their blood than do your average city dwelling Liberal Democrat. I have noticed that many of the places where this study is mentioned do not provide access to the full results, wonder why? 😉

One fact that is over looked in this whole trumped up issue is that our bodies metabolize lead in 30 days. It is only cumulative if you are constantly ingesting it in relatively high levels. Don’t let the Anti-Crowd scare you away from game meat, it is one of the healthiest forms of protein you can eat.

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