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I met Dick Heller at the Shot Show 2009.  Here is a man who has a passion to protect our Second Amendment Rights.  Below is an update on Heller II.  It’s time to stand up and protect your rights, join one of the pro-gun groups, or donate to the Heller foundation, or better yet, do more.heller

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Now here is an auction Item that will make you laugh!


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Renting Reamers, a great way to save money.

One thing never changes, the cost of doing business goes up.

Renting chamber reamers is one way we hold costs down for our clients.  WWW.4-DProducts.com provides some of the reamers I use for custom jobs.  It just does not pay to buy every reamer, many of the reamers I own have only cut the chamber they were bought for.  Then they just lay there in the drawer. 

4D provides me with reamers that are SAAMI spec, and in good sharp condition.  If you think about it they can’t afford to send out a dull reamer, who would rent from them a second time, and like all businesses it’s repeat clients that pay the bills.  Best of all by using such a service you can chamber for hundreds of calibers with minimal expense.  Whether your a hobby gunsmith or a professional, having access to a large number of calibers is pretty cool.

When you custom order a reamer it will normally take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive, rentals are normally in the shop within a week.  Just one more way to save money and offer more. 

Keep your powder dry!

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