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New Production Winchester Model 70 Rifles

By now most shooters are aware that FN owns the Winchester name.  FN has a production facility in Columbia, South Carolina, where they produce military contract firearms.  This plant is the new home of the Winchester M70.  Barrels are hammer forged, actions are still made from forgings, and all Model 70’s manufactured during 2008 will have a special floor plate marked, “2008 Model 70 Special Edition”.

FN decided that the old Model 70 design deserved a new trigger, dubbed the M.O.A. trigger.  This is a three lever trigger that provides a 2 to 1 mechanical advantage.  Unlike the old model 70 trigger, this trigger is held in a housing, probably the best part of this new trigger is that they are factory adjusted to 3.5 pounds.  That is pretty light when compared to some triggers on factory rifles running up to 6 pounds.

The first offerings will be limit to nine calibers including all three WSM calibers, also available will be 30-06, 270, 243, 7mm-08, 308, and 300 Winchester.  It’s good to see this old friend back on the market.



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Barrels with Chrome lining?!

Manufacturers are doing something relatively new, they are putting a chrome wash in the bores of some barrels.  It appears that they are in magnum calibers mainly.   Before USRAC (Winchester) shut down they were doing this with the WSM barrels.  It appears that Browning is doing the same thing.

Latest gun gossip is that the New FN bores are chrome washed.  Also the new “Winchester Repeating Arms” do to come on the market this summer some time will be using the same process in some of their barrels. 

Why is this important?

Because if your not aware of it your reamers will take beating.  One reamer maker told me that he is selling carbide throating reamers regularly now, he said that was unheard of just a couple of years ago.  Reamer rental agencies are aware of this problem as well and will be forced to resharpen reamers used in chrome bores, be prepared to pay for the resharp if you make this mistake.

The worst part of this little bit of information is that there is no clear list of calibers or models in which the manufacturers are using chrome.

Keep your powder dry!

4D Reamer Rentals tells me that they are researching the problem and plan to add a page to their web site to help inform clients.

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