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Improved Pistol Accuracy!

Had an email from a client not long ago bragging about how he improved the accuracy in two of his revolvers.  Actually what he did is a simple procedure that really does help.  He reamed all the chamber throats in his cylinders to the same dimensions. 

Believe it or not, the factories are in too big a hurry in most cases to make all the chambers the same.  This is probably one of the biggest causes of accuracy issues with a revolver.  Cylinder Throating tools are made by Manson reamers, they come with several bushings so you can match up to each chamber throat when reaming.  My client said he used nearly every bushing by the time he finished his two cylinders.  Below are som photos that illustrate what he did.Shows how he kept track of what bushings were needed.Demonstrates how all throats are now the same.

He reported that before this job the guns shot between 2 and 4 inch groups @ 50 feet.  They now shoot much better, click here for a pdf of his targets.

He rented the tools from 4D Reamer Rentals, I check they have them in 357 and 45 caliber, they tell me they will add the 44 caliber tools as soon a client orders them.  All in all a pretty cheap way to get more out of your pistols.

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