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300 Olin Express/300 Ackley (300 H&H Improved)

In some recent research I ran onto a magazine article from 1965 that stated that Western Cartridge Co. loaded the 300 Ackley Magnum as the 300 Olin Express for the Army Marksmanship unit.  That unit came into existence in 1956, the article went on to say that the Wimbledon Cup was won at least once with the 300 Ackley.

I located a list for folks who won the Wimbledon Cup at Camp Perry over the years, but it did not include the rifles or calibers used for this 1000 yard, 20 shot match.

Two questions for you readers:

  1. any knowledge of the 300 Ackley, or the 300 Olin Express loaded by Western Cartridge?
  2. Corroborating data, has the 300 Ackley ever won the Wimbledon Cup?  When? by Who?

I will look forward to your comments.


Book has recently been published, “P.O. Ackley, America’s Gunsmith” Fred Zeglin, author of this authoritative work located some good information related to the above post. However, it does not appear that the 300 Ackley ever won the cup.

Web resource for P.O. Ackley:   https://ackleyimproved.com


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