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300 AAC Blackout, Dies from Forster

Forster Products are now offering full length resize dies for the 300 AAC.  For a Seating die they offer their in-line ” Ultra™ Micrometer Seater Die”.  Anyone who has ever tried an in-line bullet seater will tell you they are the way to go for shooters who demand the best accuracy from the ammo they load.  Best of all you can get these dies in a set at a discounted price over buying them separately.

If you prefer the bargain basement, Advanced Armament Corp. stocks the basic dies from Forster for $75 as set.  Some makers are still charging a lot more for dies in this caliber.  This cartridge is certainly getting a lot of attention this year with many new rifles coming out in the caliber.  With the huge interest in this cartridge I felt I should post a link to the best source of information about it, Click Here for more.

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