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1886 Kodiak Trapper

New for 2012 from Chiappa Firearms is this carbine model of the venerable 1886 rifle.  Winchester produced nearly 160,000 of their version of the 1886.  Originally a John M. Browning design, the 1886 has been through a few changes over the years, including the pistol gripped version called the Model 71.

Ciappa 1886 Rifle.

Pictured here is the Rifle version of the Chiappa 1886.

The latest edition from Chiappa is a carbine with an 18.5″ barre, half round and half octagon, the finish is a brushed electroless nickle.  The stocks are walnut over-coated with a rubberized finish.  Obviously, this rifle is intended for easy handling and wet weather.  Sights are “Skinner Express Sights”.  Caliber is 45-70, however it could easily be converted to 450 or 50 Alaskan.

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Chiappa Firearms; 1886 Kodiak Trapper, New for 2012

1886 Lever GunWinchester Model 1886 a John Browning design,  was originally produced from 1897 until 1935 by Winchester.

Chiappa has been importing the 1886 for a while in a couple of configurations.  Earlier models sported long (26″) octagon barrels or full round barrels in a carbine format (22″).  Both have color case finish and blued parts.    The latest installment is a short barreled 45-70 (18.5″).  One advantage to these new 1886 levers is that they are made to handle full power modern ammunition.  With a six shot magazine the 1886 Kodiak Trapper would make a handy rifle in bear country.

Barrel band by Z-Hat Custom Inc.  Win. 71 pictured.

The Trapper model has walnut stocks that are over-coated with a rubberized finish, making it a great choice for wet climate hunting.  Design of the stock has been reworked to make the butt-stock  more inline, the comb height has been increased too,  reducing felt recoil.

Brushed electroless nickle is the finish on the metal surfaces.  Detachable sling swivels come standard on this model.  The sights are “Skinner” express sights.

The cost of Winchester and Browning versions of the 1886 have driven most shooters away from making custom rifles out of them.  These high quality rifles from Chiappa will allow anyone who ever dreamed of having an Alaskan Thumper to afford one.  Z-Hat Custom Inc. can convert these new rifles to 450 Alaskan, or 50 Alaskan for anyone who thinks the 45-70 does not pack enough punch.  Also these rifles will handle any 348 Winchester wildcat variation with very little modification.

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Get the Ball Rolling!

Before somone feels the need to write and ask I thoght I should simply tell the story.  The picture at the top of the Blog is a before and after for some of my work.  This rifle is based on a model 71/84 Mauser action, it has a tubular magazine under the barrel.  Original caliber was 11mm Mauser, it is now a 45-70.  Minamal feeding work was required to make it work.

The stock pattern is my own design, the dimensions were modernized so that the irons sights are easy to use and it points very naturally.  Styling was based on original sporters made with this action by Mauser.  The Manlicher pattern however is my own design, the magazine is hidden inside the stock and retained by the front sling swivel.  A pistol grip was added as the classic designs were all straight grip.

If your interested in more information on the 71/84, Ludwig Olson wrote a book “Mauser Bolt Rifles” that has some pictures, specifications and best of all the various sporters are shown along with the military version of the rifle.  This book is available from www.brownells.com.


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