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CZ USA, sometimes what is NOT is news.

Not everything new will be a new addition to the market.  In the case of the CZ 452 Rifle, what is new is that they are no more.  Once the last of them sell off thru the supply change, you will not see any new 452’s come into the country.  Will see at the SHOT show if they plan to replace this rifle with a different offering.

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How To: Update an old 10-22, Part III

Stock is cut to match the new McGowen 10-22 drop-in barrel.

Above is the forend of the stock right after I cut it off.  As mentioned in an earlier post the barrel did not look good with the stock at factory length.  The disadvantage is that under the barrel channel there is a cut that was put there mainly to lighten the stock.  As a result I now have a gap under the barrel that looks pretty bad.

Right away I looked at two solutions to the gap under the barrel.  First is to use a piece of the forend that we just cut off to make a plug for the hole. This gap under the barrel needs to be filled to make a professional looking job of it.

File the insert to shape.

You can see that I cut out a small plug to fit the hole under the barrel.  I was careful to select a piece that could be aligned with the layers of the laminate.  Then by hand filing the plug you can fit it carefully so that it lines up with the grain, or laminate in the stock.  A tight fit is important if you wish to minimize the line left when the plug is glued in place.

Below is the plug after some fitting.  Note that the gaps around the edges are minimal and will seal up tight with glue.Plug is carefully matched to the space it is inlayed into.

This is one option.   Another is to make a forend cap or tip similar to what is common on sporter style stocks.  That will be our next installment.

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How To: Update an old 10-22, Part I

Here is the setup for crowning with this simple piloted tool.

11 degree Crowning tool rented from 4D Reamer Rentals LTD.

Here is an easy set-up for crowning.  This tool is an 11 degree crowning tool with a set of interchangeable pilots.  I rented this from 4D Reamer Rentals LTD so that I could quickly and accurately crown this 10-22 barrel.  This set-up is in the lathe with a floating reamer holder.  I put the lathe in back gears and run it slow to avoid any chatter, that with plenty of oil leaves a nice finish, as seen below.

After crowning, the muzzle is nice and smooth.

Notice the concave look of the muzzle once crowned.

I will add a little more about the project gun every few days.  Its a fun way to turn an old beat up 22 into  a new and accurate toy, maybe even a competitor.


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New Compensator Available for 10-22 Barrels

My Buddie, John Allchin has come up with a new compensator designed just for the 10-22 bull barrels with a .920″ diameter.  I suppose you not limited to the 10-22, any Long Rifle Barrel with a .920″ muzzle will accept this type of brake.

Muzzle Brake for 10-22 Bull Barrels

John is making them from T6 Aluminum, in two finishes, Matte Black anodized and Matte Silver anodized.  Just thread the muzzle for 1/2″x28 and install.  I am always looking for products like this that the big discount stores are not likely to carry, that way I am not competing head to head with the Marts.

You can learn more about this and other products at John’s site, http://allchingunparts.com/index.php


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