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Erich Pratt on the New Zealand Mass Shooting

The Daily Caller ran an opinion editorial that I authored on 3-19-2019, detailing the misinformation and misreporting that the media is circulating in the aftermath of what happened in New Zealand.

Here are the three main points, which can be seen in my Daily Caller article here:

  1. New Zealand has far greater gun control than we have in the United States. More gun control has not made people any safer.
  2. The killer broke off the attack, only after being confronted with a weapon. It’s not your typical “good guy with a gun” story, but lives were still saved — and few outlets have mentioned it.
  3. There is documented evidence that media reporting on mass shootings has actually fueled great anger and mayhem and … death.

On this last point, how convenient that the media avoids any accountability by shifting the focus away from themselves and, instead, are calling for Second Amendment restrictions.

Several media outlets are falsely claiming that Australia’s gun confiscation lowered crime rates and stopped mass shootings from occurring.

And they make these claims, hoping to gin up support for a ban on commonly-owned firearms here.

But both of these assertions are false, as my article shows.

One thing is for sure, however. Given that New Zealand already registers semi-automatic firearms, officials will now have a target list which they can turn into a gun confiscation list.

And just as gun confiscation failed to stop mass killings and mass shootings in Australia, it will most certainly not make the people any safer in New Zealand.

Both of these countries are reminders that the anti-gun Left will keep pushing for gun control until they get their desired goal — gun confiscation.

That is why we cannot compromise. And here at Gun Owners of America, we will not compromise.

Thanks so much for standing with us.

In Liberty,

Erich Pratt
Executive Director, Gun Owners of America
Follow me on Twitter: @erichmpratt

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March 20, 2019 · 9:30 am

FreedomCoin Introduced at SHOT Show 2019, the world’s largest online marketplace for hunting, outdoor sports, and firearm products, is offering its millions of users a different way to buy and sell online by introducing FreedomCoin, a regulatory compliant cryptocurrency. This secure digital payment option is more convenient and typically less expensive than money orders, credit cards, and other digital wallets. As companies such as PayPal turn their back on legal firearms sales, is moving to empower the users on its site to complete simple, trusted transactions as they see fit. users can buy FreedomCoins with U.S. dollars and store them in personal, secure blockchain wallets until needed. Buyers and sellers can choose to accept and use FreedomCoin for transactions on the website.  “We’ve heard the pain points of our merchant community. is tapping blockchain technology to replace the need for other costly and time-consuming payment options,” explained Patricia W. Huff, Director of Marketing at “FreedomCoin represents the future of payments and an opportunity for people to use regulated cryptocurrencies for everyday purchases.”

The digital wallets are powered by BitRail, a blockchain-backed infrastructure that enables organizations to operate regulatory compliant cryptocurrencies for payments.  Users can quickly convert funds from dollars to FreedomCoin and back again though an easy-to-use app. The platform provides the same buyer protections as credit cards but includes an additional layer of security through blockchain verification, two-factor authentication, and price volatility management.  “Unlike the cryptocurrencies you hear about in the news such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, FreedomCoin is a stable coin pegged to the dollar,” said Jay Zwitter, Director of Sales. “FreedomCoins will not lose value after you purchase them.”

Setting up a wallet is simple and only requires a valid email, phone number, and the last four digits of a Social Security number, which is the same information already requires. Safeguards built into the platform help prevent fraud and ensure complete regulatory compliance. Information about who buys or sells what will not be openly shared on the blockchain and will remain private.

To get started with FreedomCoin, and to see a demo of how the platform works, visit

If you are at SHOT Show, stop by the booth: #15147.

 About is the world’s largest online marketplace for firearms, ammo and accessories.

About FreedomCoin

FreedomCoin is a stable, legally compliant utility token available for simple, trusted transactions on the BitRail infrastructure and supported by the issuing entity FreedomCoin Inc. Based in the United States FreedomCoin Inc facilitates the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies by consumers and demands the highest standards of legal compliance. The company adheres to local money transmitter regulations and ensures FreedomCoin is both KYC and AML compliant. FreedomCoin is a stable coin pegged to the U.S. dollar and is the preferred payment method and partner of

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429 Desert Eagle

Have you heard about the 429 Desert Eagle (DE)?

The 429 DE features 30 degree shoulder that it headspaces on and a neck long enough to properly hold and crimp a 240 grain bullet without set back under recoil. Based on the famous 50 AE cartridge, the 429 DE is made with Starline brass, and loaded by HSM in Montana with Speer and Sierra bullets.

Magnum Research is offering the 429 DE Mark XIX pistol, along with barrels and ammunition, for a
full product lineup in the recently introduced 429 DE cartridge. The 429 DE pistol has a stainless
steel slide, a stainless steel frame with Picatinny bottom rail, and a 6″ stainless steel barrel with
integral muzzle brake and black appointments. The pistol ships with a .50AE 7-round magazine and
has an MSRP of $2,143.

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Cody Museum to Offer “Veteran VIP Experience”

January 17, 2019— Today, the Cody Firearms Museum (CFM) revealed a teaser for one of its new premier exhibits to be launched at its grand re-opening the weekend of July 5, 2019. Among the many exhibits to be unveiled this summer, the Military Area will incorporate first-hand accounts from U.S. veterans. The CFM seeks U.S. veterans to relay testimonials of their service and experiences at the CFM Veteran VIP Experience.

The CFM is seeking veteran organizations to partner with them in promoting and/or sponsoring the special event. The CFM Veteran VIP Experience requires an RSVP to the event and is exclusive to veterans and active military personnel. Inquires may be directed to

The CFM Veteran VIP Experience is an invitation to veterans and active military to be the very first to record personal accounts, offering museum-goers a glimpse into the complexity of their jobs and the magnitude of their bravery. “The CFM Veteran VIP Experience will capture a living history that we are proud to curate at our museum,” said Ashley Hlebinsky, Curator at the Cody Firearms Museum. “The testimonials from our veterans will provide insight for generations to come as well as create a community-centric model for our museum.”

The CFM Veteran VIP Experience will take place on July 5, the day before the CFM opens to the public. Participating veterans will have a first glance at the exhibit and are invited the following day to the public opening along with their families. “We want to offer our veterans a VIP experience while becoming the first to contribute to this recorded legacy,” continued Hlebinsky. “The interactive component is user-friendly and will be on display for our 200,000 annual visitors. We’re calling on vets and vet organizations to join us during our grand re-opening in July.”

The Cody Firearms Museum at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West houses more than 7,000 historically significant firearms with more than 15,000 firearms-related artifacts. The Cody Firearms Museum collection spans 800 years, including recently manufactured firearms. We seek to provide every visitor – from gun aficionados, to firearms novices, to those without previous firearms experience – with a unique educational opportunity. This museum is more than just guns; firearms help inform the story of the West, the story of gun cultures, and the story of people. Visit us at the Center of the West in Cody WY, and at our website,

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Celerant Technology Unveils Ready-Made eCommerce Websites for Firearm Dealers at the SHOT Show 2019

Cumulus eCommerce™ , now offers a pre-populated database (in the past you had to fill the data base by hand in the products we previewed) of firearm products and accessories, and a pre-built website department structure, allowing firearm dealers to launch their website and start selling online immediately. In addition, Cumulus eCommerce offers flexible options allowing dealers to import products and drop ship through their distributors; customize their website; and add new pages on-the-fly in order to stand out from the competition.

Display products from multiple distributors simultaneously via ‘online data feeds’
Through Celerant’s vendor integrations, firearm dealers can easily display products from multiple distributors simultaneously, plus their own physical inventory– all in a centralized view; and prioritize which vendor’s products to sell first. Cumulus eCommerce can pull ‘data feeds’ from each distributor, consisting of product descriptions, images and available stock levels, and immediately display those products online in nearly real-time– giving the impression of an ‘endless aisle’ of inventory. Cumulus also offers the ability for dealers to optimize and make any changes to the data that comes from their distributors to further differentiate their website.

Leveraging Celerant’s growing list of firearm distributor integrations, dealers can choose which distributors they want to order from, including Sports South, RSR Group, Zanders, Lipsey’s, Davidson’s, Bill Hicks, United Sporting Companies, Kinsey’s, amongst others.

Set pricing rules, manage distributors and customize the site with ease
Cumulus eCommerce allows dealers to easily manage their pricing strategy, and offer promotions, coupons and loyalty programs. Pricing rules can be based on each distributor; specific categories, departments and pricing levels; a percentage increase; or a dollar amount over cost. In addition, distributors can be easily deactivated as needed by the dealer, and the distributor’s data can be easily changed while in edit mode on the dealer’s website.

With an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editing tool, dealers can make cosmetic changes to their website on-the-fly; change the order of their departments and how products are displayed; create product collections for their home page or new landing pages; and update specific product descriptions and images. Dealers can also click on any product to view which distributor it comes from, their real-time on-hand availability, and the cost for that product- all with just a few clicks, while in edit mode.

Drop ship orders through distributors and/or fulfill from your own stock
Dealers can prioritize which distributor’s products to sell online first, and/or choose to sell their own physical inventory on their website. Once an order is placed online, Celerant recognizes if the order should be sent to a distributor for drop shipping, or fulfilled by the dealer using the dealer’s own inventory. If the order is being drop shipped, the order is automatically sent to the specified distributor on behalf of the dealer. Customers can also purchase firearms online and complete the transaction at a local gun shop, using the integrated FFL Locator to have the firearm shipped and/or drop shipped to a participating FFL dealer.

At Celerant, it’s all about giving the dealers options. Our goal with this new online offering is to allow dealers to launch their eCommerce websites quickly and easily- leveraging their distributor’s data- while still differentiating themselves from their competitors and being unique in terms of Search Engine Optimization. We developed our new drag-and-drop editing tools with the mission of making website layout changes as easy as working in Microsoft Word. We think this is a true game-changer for the industry. – Zeke Hamdani, Director of Web Services and Assistant VP at Celerant Technology

You Can Visit Celerant at the SHOT Show 2019

Celerant will showcase its premier solution, Stratus Retail, as well as its SaaS solution designed for the smaller dealers, Cumulus Retail , at the SHOT Show in January 2019. Visit Celerant at Booth #3003 or at the SHOT Show University to learn how our innovative technology can improve your firearms business.  OnLine sales represent a continuing growth strategy for retailers in every category.

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Passing of a Great Gunsmith and a Friend

With great regret and sadness I share the announcment of the sudden and untimely passing of my friend, Dino Longueira.

Dino was the brilliant inventor, innovator, and proprietor of Majestic Arms, New York City’s lone full time, full-service Gunsmith. He invented, many products, among them the Speed Strip Kit for the Ruger .22 Auto Pistols.  I met Dino and his wonderful wife Joanne at SHOT Show many years ago through my friends at AGI.  Jack Landis introduced us and it became an annual event to gather for dinner and laughs.  Dino possessed a sharp witt, was always friendly and fun to be around.  Gunsmiths like to gather and share stories because we are a unique and relatively small fraternity, Dino will be missed from but never forgotten at our annual gatherings!

Dino left us on Tuesday, December 4, 2018.  The profession, his beloved wife Joanne and family, and his many friends will sorely miss this wonderful man.  

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Want Good Service, be a Good Customer:

2npjf9Tis the Season…

  1. Remember The Golden Rule– Treat others as you want to be treated. Pretty simple. How would you feel if you were on the receiving end of what you are dishing out?
  2. Don’t Be a Bully— Pushing around the sales clerk by raising your voice, making unreasonable demands, and showing utter contempt for their very existence does not make you powerful, it just makes you a bully and a jerk. When you see someone act this way what do you think of them?
  3. Don’t Make Threats— The go-to move for bullies and also a favorite of the frustrated. Threatening to report a company to the Better Business Bureau, your thirty-two Twitter followers, or the nearest Salvation Army Bell Ringer is not productive and almost always unwarranted.
  4. Adjust Your Expectations— Expecting great service is your prerogative; expecting great service to mean that the company does whatever you want, whenever you want, and for as little as you are willing to pay is not. Companies that lose money to make customers happy do not last long.
  5. Communicate on the Companies Terms – When the company suggest a specific method of communication for Customer Service it’s because that is what they are set up to handle well. Oh, BTW, you’re not the center of the universe, it might take a reasonable amount of time to resolve a problem.
  6. Email is not a License to Kill, 007 – Always start polite, you can go all secret agent on them if they blow you off. Most of the time if you use the magic word, “Please” you will get what you need to the best of the person’s ability to serve you.
  7. Give The Company Every Opportunity to Solve The Problem— Are you really concerned with the problem or does it just feel good to complain? Give the company a chance to fix the problem before taking away your business or tattling on social media.
  8. Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood— It’s always fun to hear yourself talk, but maybe try listening and even understanding before declaring war.
  9. Separate the Person from the Policy– This is one of the most difficult challenges, even for the usually fair-minded. Some company policies can be personally frustrating; don’t shoot the messenger. Chances are they did not create the policy and do not have a choice but to enforce it.
  10. Separate The Person from the Performance– People screw up. There is a big difference between an accident and negligence, between a mistake and malice.

A Good Customer Should…

Here are few things you can do proactively to be a good customer…

  • Say Please and Thank You— Your mother already told you this; you should listen to her.  Just doing this will get you more customer service than you can imagine.
  • Understand Tipping Protocols— It’s important to understand the tipping expectations, if any, of the business you are patronizing. I have had the most trouble with this one historically, but smart phones are magical things.
  • Ask For The Manager— OK, then say something nice about the employee that served you.
  • Parent Your Kids—You chose to bring your children to the store/restaurant. If you can’t control them, they get to ruin your trip to the store or meal not everyone else’s. Take them outside or offer them a trip to the bathroom where they can be punished in relative privacy.  You’re not their buddy, you are there parent, act like it.
  • Put Down Your Cell Phone—Most calls really can wait. If you can’t dump the call, at least, lower the phone, smile at the person helping you and apologize for being rude.  Don’t talk at the top of your lungs, nobody is impressed that you have a cell phone, most 12 year olds have them too.

Relax and enjoy your Holiday Season, be kind the whole year round.

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November 29, 2018 · 12:11 am

Two Cartridges That Dominated the Summer of 2018.

Every year there are new cartridges offered by gun makers and ammunition manufacturers.  Usually at SHOT Show there is a release and a buzz about the new offerings.  Then for the months that follow there are articles one right after the other extolling the attributes of these “new” offerings.

This year we saw the 6.5 PRC was the new cartridge announced by Hornady.  This cartridge is clearly directed to the long range shooting market.   The Precision Rifle Series has provided a direct way for manufactures to learn what the shooting public wants for long range rifles, cartridges and accessories.

Ballistically the 6.5 PRC falls almost dead between the 6.5 Creedmoor and the 264 Winchester Magnum.  The case is a necked down version of the 300 Ruger Compact Magnum. The PRC has a published muzzle velocity of 2900 fps, making it about 200 fps faster than the 6.5 Creedmoor.  6.5 PRC still fits in most short action platforms (308 length).

65 prc vs

One reason the Creedmoor picked up such a large following was the relatively light recoil it produces.  If you are competing in a game that requires large numbers of shots fired, recoil can be an issue simply because of fatigue.  It may not hurt, but over the course of fire it can wear on you.  That will be the trade off that shooters deal with when looking at the 6.5 PRC, it will have more recoil than its smaller brothers in the game.

4D Reamer Rentals reports that the 6.5 PRC wasted no time in becoming a hot rental.  Custom gun makers all over the country have been ordering the reamer and gauges in amazing numbers.  Fred @ 4D says, “We bought tools as soon as we heard that Hornady was releasing the PRC.  Not long after SHOT Show we started filling orders. The is was like a floodgate opened, the demand for the PRC was off the scale compared to new releases in the past.”  He went on to tell that they ordered more tools but the demand from the reamer makers was very high as well so it took time to get the added tools into circulation.

It’s pretty likely you will see the 6.5 PRC in several production rifles in 2019.

Another cartridge that became popular this summer at 4D was the 7mm/300 Winchester Magnum. This is simply a  300 Win Mag necked down to 7mm with no other changes. Now there have been versions of this wildcat around for a long time, so what made demand explode all the sudden?

It may be as a result of the writing of Nathan Foster of New Zealand.  Nate created a wildcat variation of the 7mm/300 Win Mag that he dubbed the 7mm Practical.  Nate produced a book entitled, “The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Cartidges”  When I spoke with him recently he stated he believed the rise in interest in the 7mm/300 was at least in part do to the fact he had released his book for sale in the United States.

Foster also has an extensive web site that provides a wealth of information he calls, “Terminal Ballistics Research”  here I linked it to the page for the 7mm Practical.

7mm Practical Rev C Manson Web large

The down side, if there is one, to Foster’s 7mm Practical it is that the shoulder angle is changed and cases must be fire formed.  This is the reason that so many guys are opting for the 7mm/300 Win Mag.  Most shooters equate the ”practical” moniker with simple wildcats that are necked up or down from a parent case with no other changes.  Avoiding the need for fancy custom dies and lots of time at the reloading bench is what most shooters want from a practical conversion.

4D tells us that they have had a single reamer for the 7mm/300 Wincheser Magnum for a very long time.  “It rented once or twice a year until this spring.  Demand was so high we had to buy two more reamers to keep up and we still missed a few orders because guys did not want to wait.”

Foster’s starting loads below would work for either version of the cartridge as the case capacity is nearly identical.  His favorite powders for this cartridge is the very slow burning H1000 or Retumbo.  Yes- data is for both due to powder behavior in this case.

Bullet weight Start load Velocity Comment
162gr ELD-M 76 3200 Always reliable.
160gr TMK

162gr ELD-X

73.5 3200 Caution with TMK as bearing surface raises pressures. Caution with ELD-X and other heavy jacket bullets (pressures).
175 ELD-X 70 3050 Caution with this heavy jacket bullet (pressures).
180gr VLD 72 3050
180gr ELD-M 71 3000 Extremely accurate. Watch
for pressure spikes, approach 74gr with extreme caution.
195gr Berger EIEIO 70 2950



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CMP Announces that M1 Garands are BACK!

The Civilian Marksmanship Program has recently received containers full of vintage M1 Garand rifles long ago loaned to U.S. allies overseas.  Gina Johnson, CMP’s general manager stated that,  “The federally-chartered non-profit corporation has been moving the repatriated 30.06-caliber rifles into their warehouses.” in the final days of January, 2018.

Johnson also stated, “We have roughly 86,000 rifles from the Philippines and roughly 13,000 rifles from Turkey in our possession,”

The guns that returned from the Philippines have been in the news on many gun related web sites for quite a while. The State Department under Hilary Clinton blocked the return of these old war horses. CMP has kept the news on the Turkish M1s a little more quiet until now.

These vintage M1 Garand rifles, which the organization is authorized to sell to the public by Congress for safety training and marksmanship efforts around the country, is one of the biggest stockpiles the CMP has received for many years.

Not just anyone can buy from the CMP… You must show that you are eligible in order to place an order.  The CMP is careful to make sure applicable laws and regulations are followed for all transactions.


Most shooters have probably heard of the 1911 pistols recently released to the CMP, they are preparing to inventory M1911 pistols now as well.

In an update posted by the CMP January 29, 2018, the CMP announces that they have received 8,000 1911 type pistols from the Army.  They must first be inventoried and placed in secure storage.   This is where I laugh at all the keyboard commandos who have been spouting that they have no desire to own an old worn out 1911.  It’s my argument that these guys are just trying to talk down the price and scare of potential competition from even looking at the CMP site. Don’t let them fool you, there will be some awesome guns sold through this system.

An Army-approved building and armory infrastructure must be completed for the preparation of these guns for sale to the public, a process expected to take about 60 days. Once the facilities pass muster; inspection, test firing and grading can be completed. After that the guns can go up for sale, with CMP promising to post the order packets needed to buy the handguns 90 days prior to the order acceptance date and opening sales date.  So that potential buyers will have plenty of time to meet requirements.

In 2015, U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Alabama, revealed that the military was and is spending about $2 per year per gun, to store 100,000 Model 1911s that are surplus to the Army’s needs.  Production of 1911’s for military contracts largely ended by 1945, meaning the guns in storage likely date to the World War II-era or earlier.  Many of the pistols have been stored  for over 30 years. They were withdrawn from service during the 1980s in favor of the then-new Beretta 92F (M9).

The Department of Defense’s 1033 Program allows eligible law enforcement agencies to apply for up to one pistol per full-time officer.  Approximately 8,300 of the stored 1911s have been sold or loaned in recent years under the 1033 Program.  So there are alot of handguns in storage that can be eventually sold through the CMP assuming the pilot program is a success and politicians continue to support the sales.

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Streak™ Visual Ammunition

I go to SHOT Show nearly every year to keep up with what is new and maintain those industry contacts that we need just to do business.  This year I came a couple of days early so I could attend the Anteris Alliance, “Try & Buy”.  This is only the second year for this new event and it is not affiliated in anyway with the SHOT, just happens during the same week for what should be obvious advantages for all attending.

The Try & Buy is made up mostly of Anteris Alliance Members who are there showing their wares and building business contacts.  One of the big differences from my point of view is the fact that many of the companies are small, often family owned and operated.  Which means the are working hard to meet customer needs and satisfaction. Even more important in my mind is the ingenuity and creativity they display.

Big companies have huge resources and can do amazing things to serve the buying public. But, small companies are much more nimble and not only can, but must adapt to a changing market quickly to survive.  As a result often these smaller outfits come up with really cool products that deserve wide distribution and press.

Ammunition Incorporated is probably a little bigger than many of the alliance members, many of you may already know their products.  For instance these are the guys that make the Jesse James line if ammunition.  They also have several proprietary lines of ammunition.  Stealth is subsonic, OPS™ or One Precise Shot is their self  defense and LE duty ammunition.

STREAK™ is a NEXT – GENERATION “Non-Flammable” visual “tracer style” ammunition, which is a non-incendiary round, safe for indoor and outdoor use. This round allows the shooter to keep a visual on the projectiles path towards the target which is great for training as well as exciting to shoot.  The dusk demo of this product was fun to watch, there is phosphor material boned to the base of the bullet and the burning of the powder provides a light charge so that the tracer glows.

The light can only be seen from the shooters point of view with a pretty narrow cone in which observers can see the trace as well.  Since it’s  not an incendiary there should  be little or no restrictions on this ammo in most locals.  Of course its up to you to know your local laws.

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