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I have over 35 years full time in the gunsmithing field.  I attended Lassen College in Susanville CA back when Bob Dunlap was the head of the program.  Over the years I have worked in a few shops around the West.  First in Idaho in a shop where general repair and barrel jobs were the mainstay, then in Southern California for a Colt and Winchester specialty shop where we did restoration work.  Then onto another So. Cal. shop where handguns were the bread and butter.

For the last 15 years I have specialized in custom hunting rifles, no longer doing repair because it took too much time away from custom work.  I am in a new phase of my career, I currently teach Firearms Technology at Flathead Valley Community College (FVCC).  This program is exciting to me because I helped to develop it.  By the fall of 2018 the program will be a two year degree offered at FVCC.

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I have written a book titled “Wildcat Cartridges, Reloaders Handbook of Wildcat Cartridge Design”.  My second book is a print edition of the Hawk Cartridges reloading manual. My third book is about P.O. Ackley it contains pressure tested data for many of his more popular cartridges, Gun Digest published this book in 2017 as part of their Heritage Series.

At the end of 2017 I released a new project “Gunsmithing Student Handbook Series”.  At present there are three titles in the siries, many more titles are in the works.  These books will include either joint projects with other gunsmiths with unique specialties or may be written completely by other experts with me acting as the editor.  This series has the potential to be the go to archives for gunsmithing knowledge.

I have other books in the conceptual stages, all gun related.  My writings have appeared in Guns & Ammo, Precision Shooting, Sportsmen’s News, the Varmint Hunter and more.

Fred Zeglin, Gunmaker

23 responses to “About the Blogger

  1. Do you have an email list I can join?

  2. Just the RSS feed for entries.

  3. could you point me to a Mosin Nagant site for gun smithing? I’m a beginner.

  4. Hendrik

    My pre 1940 (cerial no: 138281) Winchester in 30-06 calibre, barrel is shot out. I have a new 308Win barrel and would like to rechamber for the 30-06. Is this possible?

    • reamerrentals

      The problem with this idea is that the .308 Winchester shoulder is already larger than the 30-06. So, to make it work you would have to cut off enough of the breach to clean up that shoulder. Otherwise it will work.

  5. curt

    would really appreciate if you would pop in over at http://www.gunandgame.com . we have been having a slightly heated discussion on ackley improved chambering, and ive got a professional gunsmith swearing up and down that there is no need to set back the barrel when rechambering to an ackley improved. being this gunsmith is a moderator over there, hes threatened me in private because he thinks im passing out bad info. i could use some experienced back up, because im just a part time hobbyist, so that in his opinion makes me wrong.

    thank you very much

  6. Joe

    Hi, I’m looking for someone who’s had a career as a gunsmith to help me answer some questions about getting started. I want to know how to market my gunsmith services to get clients and to get some general advice about working as an independent gunsmith. I’d love to get your email address so I could ask some more detailed questions if you have the time. Thank you for all the great information you’ve provided here on your blog.


  7. Hi Fred, I’m a gunsmith of nearly 20 years myself; just started a blog very similar to yours, and was wondering if you had any interest in being an interviewee for our blog? My site is small and new, but I take some comfort in knowing you have a very similar background to me and have a very refreshing and open style. I hope you will consider it, you can contact me at info@netgunsmith.com the site is at http://www.netgunsmith.com I look forward to talking with you. -Ben-

  8. sportsmanswarehouse


    I’m wondering if you’re interested in any guest-blogging opportunities. I didn’t see any other way to contact you on your site, but please get back to me if you’re interested in some free content. tpetroff@sportsmanswarehouse.com

    • reamerrentals

      I have been know to guest blog and I am always open to a guest blogger here at GunsmithTalk, so long as the material is firearms related.

  9. Kimsey

    Can you tell me what the lower gun is in your top of page website picture?

  10. They are both 71-84 Mauser. The bottom one is a custom gun I built for a client, styled after the sporter versions of this gun.

  11. Michael Watson

    I’m interested in keeping updated on your research into the results of Melonite treatment of rifle barrels. The owner of
    http://ar15performance.com/barrels is a big proponent of this treatment process.

  12. Wane Miller

    what model is the rifle at the top of your page

    • reamerrentals

      They are both 71-84 Mauser. The bottom one is a custom gun I built for a client, styled after the sporter versions of this gun.

  13. Wane Miller

    very nice

  14. lapd22535

    Fred, is the same info in Chambering for Ackley Cartridges covered in P O Ackley America’s Gunsmith ? Thanks Steve

    • reamerrentals

      No Sir, The Handbooks are intended to be a teaching tool for Gunsmithing Students, so they are technical and detailed, covering the subject so thoroughly that there can be no question what is intended. The P.O. Ackley book contains more generalized information about headspace. It is also accurate but is written for the gun lover and history buff. There is certainly a little duplication because facts are facts. Hope that helps.

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