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CMP Announces that M1 Garands are BACK!

The Civilian Marksmanship Program has recently received containers full of vintage M1 Garand rifles long ago loaned to U.S. allies overseas.  Gina Johnson, CMP’s general manager stated that,  “The federally-chartered non-profit corporation has been moving the repatriated 30.06-caliber rifles into their warehouses.” in the final days of January, 2018.

Johnson also stated, “We have roughly 86,000 rifles from the Philippines and roughly 13,000 rifles from Turkey in our possession,”

The guns that returned from the Philippines have been in the news on many gun related web sites for quite a while. The State Department under Hilary Clinton blocked the return of these old war horses. CMP has kept the news on the Turkish M1s a little more quiet until now.

These vintage M1 Garand rifles, which the organization is authorized to sell to the public by Congress for safety training and marksmanship efforts around the country, is one of the biggest stockpiles the CMP has received for many years.

Not just anyone can buy from the CMP… You must show that you are eligible in order to place an order.  The CMP is careful to make sure applicable laws and regulations are followed for all transactions.


Most shooters have probably heard of the 1911 pistols recently released to the CMP, they are preparing to inventory M1911 pistols now as well.

In an update posted by the CMP January 29, 2018, the CMP announces that they have received 8,000 1911 type pistols from the Army.  They must first be inventoried and placed in secure storage.   This is where I laugh at all the keyboard commandos who have been spouting that they have no desire to own an old worn out 1911.  It’s my argument that these guys are just trying to talk down the price and scare of potential competition from even looking at the CMP site. Don’t let them fool you, there will be some awesome guns sold through this system.

An Army-approved building and armory infrastructure must be completed for the preparation of these guns for sale to the public, a process expected to take about 60 days. Once the facilities pass muster; inspection, test firing and grading can be completed. After that the guns can go up for sale, with CMP promising to post the order packets needed to buy the handguns 90 days prior to the order acceptance date and opening sales date.  So that potential buyers will have plenty of time to meet requirements.

In 2015, U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Alabama, revealed that the military was and is spending about $2 per year per gun, to store 100,000 Model 1911s that are surplus to the Army’s needs.  Production of 1911’s for military contracts largely ended by 1945, meaning the guns in storage likely date to the World War II-era or earlier.  Many of the pistols have been stored  for over 30 years. They were withdrawn from service during the 1980s in favor of the then-new Beretta 92F (M9).

The Department of Defense’s 1033 Program allows eligible law enforcement agencies to apply for up to one pistol per full-time officer.  Approximately 8,300 of the stored 1911s have been sold or loaned in recent years under the 1033 Program.  So there are alot of handguns in storage that can be eventually sold through the CMP assuming the pilot program is a success and politicians continue to support the sales.

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