Mossberg MVP Rifles, SHOT Show 2014

Bolt action with AR magazine

Mossberg is offering five new models in their MVP line.  Calibers include 5.56mm and 300 AAC Blackout.

Barrels are 16.25″ long, medium bull contour, A2 flash hiders are installed.  The Trigger is the Mossberg LAB adjustable type.  This handy package is popular with anybody who hunts in a brushy or timbered area that makes a long barrel a pain to maneuver.

Ranch hands and farmers will be attracted to the convenience provided by the compact size.  That coupled with the AR magazines make this a rugged work horse of a rifle.

Mossberg is also offering six new variations on this rifle in their “MVP Flex” rifles.  Lots to choose from.


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6 responses to “Mossberg MVP Rifles, SHOT Show 2014

  1. shawn

    Did they not have this last year? Yes, they did. So, when is it going to available to the public.

  2. L1A1Rocker

    You’ve been saying the 300BLK is coming since the LAST SHOT show. Get of the pot already, people are waiting to buy this.

    • reamerrentals

      You need to talk to your local dealer. I don’t work for Savage, just reporting on what they showed at SHOT, this article is about the new variations they are offering. The new variation have to do with barrel length, stock configurations and colors, among other details. Not all dealers will offer all variations.

  3. Acer

    Wanting one in a scout scope configuration really badly.
    MVP = Mossberg Vaporware Product.

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