NRA Gunsmithing Schools come to Flathead Valley in Montana


The newest addition to the NRA Gunsmithing Schools is at Flathead Valley Community College in Kalispell, Montana.  This school is being ramrodded by Brandon Miller, who ran the NRA School for Murray State College in Oklahoma for a while.  So, you have experienced management and the instructors are very experienced as well, with a wide variety of expertise.

Everything from Basic Gun Safety, to machine shop, glass bedding rifles, and classes on the 1911.  Much more is listed in the brochure which you can download from the web site linked below.

These short term classes allow professionals to take a little time off from business to expand their abilities, or for the hobbyist its a great way to learn the specifics your interested in.  Either way its a convenient way to learn with classes normally running for 5 days or less.

Check out the list of Classes being offered at FVCC this summer at this link.  I just talked to the staff at the college, and as of today there is still room in many of the classes.  Take a vacation and have some fun.




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5 responses to “NRA Gunsmithing Schools come to Flathead Valley in Montana

  1. Does Flathead Valley offer full-time classes as well, or just short-term?

  2. Will let everyone know how they are…..taking the basic lathe course. Looking forward to spending time in Kalispell as well. Being a Michigander, always nice to visit the beautiful mountain scenery!

    • Well, I took the basic lathe course and have to say it was a perfect fit for me. Was able to thread, face and use cut off tools on a Grizzly gear driven gunsmith lathe. Didn’t know how to set up lathe at all when I came……could grind my own tool bits in the 1st couple of days. Could thread….tap…..face, etc. Also, was able to understand measurement and set up (to run your part true to center). A great bonus is that Brandon makes good coffee! Great time overall. Great location!

  3. reamerrentals

    Classes went very well. We tripled enrollment over 2012. Students had many nice comments about the facility, location, and classes. Plan on coming up next summer, new classes are already in the planning stages.

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