AR Cleaning Gadget, Shot Show 2013


Maintenance of AR platform guns will be more important than ever with the likely changes in the laws headed our way.

For the Soldier, enthusiast, gunsmith, or armorer here is a single tool that can remove the carbon from both the bolt tail and bolt carrier with such ease and precision.  I can’t think of a faster way to clean these parts.
This tool outstrips the function of the “scraper style” tools currently in the industry by not only improving on their ability to remove carbon buildup in the bolt carrier, but surpassing them by adding the feature of quickly and accurately removing carbon buildup from the tail of the bolt.
Solvent and a wire brush will do the job of cleaning the tail of the bolt, but it takes more time and effort than is necessary. The CRT-15 can remove carbon properly from any bolt tail radius, (bolt tail dimensions vary between manufacturers). The CRT-15 is the must have cleaning tool for the owner of and AR-15 platform gun.

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