Safety Harbor Firearams 2013

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How about a 50 caliber upper for your AR lower?  It’s not really a new idea, but the folks at Safety Harbor Firearms do as nice a job as anyone at this.

They offer both single shot and magazine fed bolt action conversion uppers for AR lowers.  It does require a hammer and spring replacement available from their web site.  Complete rifles are available as well.  These are all in what I would call carbine configuration with barrels in 18″, 22″ and 29″.  I suppose the AR lower limits the amount of weight that can be put out front, so barrel length is relatively short for a 50.

Prices for an upper alone start at around $1450 so it is very cost effective if you want to own a 50. With new restrictions on the radar being able to reuse your lower on some other gun may be an important option in the future.

Muzzle Velocities:

18″Barrel: 2283.57

22″Barrel: 2385.89

29″Barrel: 2561.91

Average of 3 shots.

Temperature was 90+F.

Humdity was 85%.

Ammo: Summit/French Reloaded M33 Ball

Distance from muzzle to chronograph: 20 Feet



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