Rock Island Armory, TCM 22 Bolt Action Rifle

22TCM22TCM has been creating some buzz.  This cartridge is a shortened 223 case.  The original idea was to make a cartridge that would fit the 1911 frame.  This is not the first cartridge of it’s type, the 223 Timbs and the 22 Reed Express were similar designs on the 7.62×25 case.  They were designed to make use of the surplus CZ75 pistols that were available a few years back.  These have since dried up and the prices are starting to climb.

Rock Island Armory (RIA) has designed a center fire bolt action around the 22 TCM cartridge.  Great news for wildcatters, as this is a dedicated pistol length cartridge design.  It utilizes a five round box magazine, but can also use the seventeen round magazines from the pistols RIA offers for this cartridge.

According to Martin Tuason, President of RIA and Armscorp Precision International, “With the early excitement over the TCM rifle, we are ramping up production capabilities to deliver this in late second quarter of this year (2013).”

22 TCM is the brain child if Martin Tuason and Fred Craig,  TCM is an acronym for Tuason Craig Magnum. At slightly over 2800 feet per second with a 40 grain bullet, the 22 TCM will be a popular varmint round for mid range shooting.  The added fun of having a  pistol in the same caliber with interchangeable magazines seems like a winner all the way around.

Stocks are stated to be of Native Philippine wood, so custom stocks will be a natural offering for gunsmiths.  I can already imagine several wildcats for this platform and even a few factory pistol cartridges that would be fun in a tight little package.

Metal finish is listed a parkerized.  Scope mounting is a rail system.  This my be  the weak point of the rifle, but any gunsmith worth his salt can take care of that issue.  More to come on this gun.



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14 responses to “Rock Island Armory, TCM 22 Bolt Action Rifle

  1. reamerrentals

    We have this reamer and gauges in stock ready to rock and roll.

  2. kat

    how much do you rent them for? pacific tool and gauge doesn’t have them available yet

  3. Bill Newman

    I would like to buy a 22tcm reamer and gauge BILL Newman 407 908 2800

  4. reamerrentals

    I talked to Rock Island at Shot Show 2015. They said that shipments of the rifles are now coming into the U.S. pretty regularly. Wholesalers are filling back orders now and should have inventory on the shelf once they catch up on orders.

  5. Chris Bowden

    I was wondering if anyone has ever had troble with misfires with the 22 tcm RIFLE . i just bought one and the first ten rounds did not fire . Ran each round twice . The firing pin doesn’t make a deep hit fhe first time,but the second try made plenty for the round to shoot. I took the gun and ammo back to the store . The owner went through all his ammo and found a box with a different batch number . We chambered a round and it fired. I got home and shot about half the box and then it misfired again . The primer had a shallow hit . I tried the same round again but this time it fired with a scecond hit . It seems that its not chambering correctly as a couple more rounds did the same way. Any ideas, i don’t want to give up this rifle because it seems to be very ,very accurate. Scared a replacement of it might not be as true shooting.

  6. Wood

    Another hundred rounds of factory fodder through my TCM rifle without a hiccup. This one’s a keeper. Been a long while since I laid eyes on a Kimber model 82 but I swear this TCM rifle is a clone it. Anyone willing to try and see if the parts interchange ?

    • reamerrentals

      I don’t have one handy to check, but I seriously doubt they would interchange. The TCM rifles are taking a real beating in social media these days. Accuracy and reliability seem to be the big discussions. We have a couple of these guns here we are working on and gathering information from. Watch for more blog posts on the TCM rifle here on in the future.

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