Beginners Kit from DuraCoat, Shot Show 2013


This new kit is for guys who have some spray equipment but have never tried the DuraCoat Products.  The Begginers kit is a simplified version of the standard DuraCoat kits.  Offered in standard Tactical colors.

If you have wanted to try out the DuraCoat line of coatings now is a good time with these simplified kits.

Another new and very important offering is the new DuraFill kit.  It includes 2 ounces of DuraFill, which is used to smooth over scrathes, small pits, or other irregularities in the surface of the metal before covering with DuraCoat.  Of course the big advantage to this product is that it’s totally compatible with the other DuraCoat finishes.

With the largest growing segment of the gun industry, women are not to be left out.  Seven Lauer of Lauer Custom is the developer of the DuraCoat line and he has developed a line for just for the ladies.  Seven colors are included in this new line.

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