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R.I.P. Precision Shooting Magazine

Precision Shooting Magazine has long been considered THE source for serious technical articles on rifle accuracy.  For me it was the first magazine to buy an article from me and I am proud to be able to say they published my works a couple of times.  So, I feel like I am saying good-bye to an old friend.

My contacts with Editor, Dave Brennan have always been cordial and professional, he is a true gentleman.

Some in the industry may point to the end of PS magazine as a further indication that the public will not commercially support a technical journal.   I would argue that there will always be a market for high quality technical articles that truly educate and inform the reader.  Hopefully other publications will see this as an opportunity to fill that need.

There was a time when some of the gun magazines seriously backed writers with technical knowledge and ability to write such quality material.  The reader may not realize how much time, effort, and ammo can be spent to produce an article.  When we are talking about a research piece that is designed to test new ideas or products and enlighten the reader, the preparation for such articles is expensive.  Personally, I hope an editor or two see this as a market opportunity and start producing some in depth technical features.

It’s with great fondness and respect that we say farewell to the Precision Shooting Magazine.

Dave Brennan farewell letter for Precision Shooting Magazine.



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Benjamin, Rogue 357 Air Rifle.

While big bore airguns have been around since before Lewis and Clark, ePCP™ technology is NEW and exclusive to Benjamin! The various ePCP components include at the time of this writing, bullets are offered in 5 weights from 95 to 170 grains.  Muzzle velocity is similar to low power pistols ranging from 700 to 1000 fps.

The patent-pending eVALVE technology on the Rogue provides regulation of pressure in the air reservoir which guarantees more shots per fill, through the efficient control of pressure. There are two power settings, High Power for large game like hogs and coyotes or Medium Power for raccoons, bobcats and fox, then select your bullet grain weight, Heavy or Light. The Rogue will then release the amount of air you need to make the shot.

The Rogue features a 6-shot magazine that accommodates all shapes of .357 caliber bullets perfectly, whether they are the Benjamin eXTREME Pursuit flat nose or hollow points, Nosler Ballistic Tip bullets or your own cast bullets.  It’s important to note that this rifle uses dry bullets, no lube.

In many ways the Rogue is like hunting with a rimfire.  Recoil is low, even though knock down in much greater do to the larger diameter and heavier bullets used.  You might be surprised by the accuracy of this air rifle. If you hunt close to town or anyplace where the noise of a standard rifle might be an issue this rifle might be a good substitute.

A couple of things that some shooters will want to know: first it requires a pressure tank to fill the reservoir in the gun, Benjamin sells one or you can use a scuba tank.  Second, and this is a huge positive, the Rogue has a six shot magazine, so you can shoot about as fast as with any bolt action gun.

UPDATE:  The Rogue is out of production.  But, Benjamin did replace it with a new model, the Bulldog .357.  I plan on testing and reviewing one of these soon, at SHOT Show 2018 I picked one up, its as heavy as any hunting rifle and the weight is balanced nicely over the pistol grip.  Looking forward to this one…


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