Need Dimensions for Factory Cartridges?

For years you had to be a member of SAAMI (the Sporting Arms & Ammunition Manufacturing Institute) to get a copy of the data the factories use to manufacture guns and ammunition.  The Internet has made is easy for SAAMI to share this data so it is now available for download at their site.

How does the gunsmith know proper specifications for the cartridge?The publications are broken up into books for various types of cartridges i.e. Rifle, shotgun, pistol, and rimfire.  So you only download the information you need.  This data answers an incredible number of questions for avid shooters.  All the tolerance specifications, and pressure data are included.  As a bonus the correct methods for testing are described in detail.

In Truth, there is more information provided than most shooters will need.  However, if you’re trying to compare cartridges or want to know the standard dimensions for a cartridge, this is must have information.


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4 responses to “Need Dimensions for Factory Cartridges?

  1. Can you suggest any particular cartridge for hog hunting with a 270 or 243?

  2. I would probably look at the 6.8 SPC by Remington. Since your probably fairly short range that is plenty of cartridge and very comfortable on recoil. Of course a standard 243 Winchester or 6mm Remington would work well too.

  3. Elvis

    A lot of my customers use the 6.8 for deer in Wisconsin, I’ve had reports that it works better than expected. Personally I’d like to see more weight appropriate hunting bullets for it, preferably round nose of course!

    • Elvis, I would think the 6.8 would be a pretty good choice for deer out to about 300 yards, which of course never happens up in the North woods. I see your desire for heavy bullets, but at close ranges that is a little less of an issue. You probably know that out to 300 yards or a little more the shape of the bullet has almost no effect on trajectory.

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