Indiana Allows Longer Cartridges

A few years back the Department of Natural Resources in Indian decided to allow the use of rifles of limited size.  Size of cartridge that is.

Rifles with cartridges that fire a bullet of .357-inch diameter or larger; have a minimum case length of 1.16 inches; and have a maximum case length of 1.625 inches are legal to use only during the deer firearm season. Some cartridges legal for deer hunting include the .357 Magnum, 357 Maximum, .38-.40 Winchester, .41 Magnum, .41 Special, .44 Magnum, .44 Special, .44-.40 Winchester, .45 Colt, .454 Casull, .458 SOCOM, .475 Linebaugh, .480 Ruger, .50 Action Express, and .500 S&W.  Of course certain wildcats fit this definition as well, i.e. 350 Indy (35 WSSM) and others.

Starting with the hunting season in 2012 the maximum rifle cartridge length that can be used in the firearm season has been extended to 1.8 inches. This means that the .460 Smith & Wesson, .450 Bushmaster, and .50 Beowulf will be legal to use during the deer firearms season.

The 358 Hoosier  is a shortened 358 Winchester case that meets the new limits and is drawing a lot of interest. The 358 IDC also known as the 350 Indy is the 25 WSSM necked up to 35 caliber, this is a great use for WSSM guns that nobody seems to like.  UPDATE: These last two have now been redesigned to meet the change in the rules, both are now available in 1.80″ versions.  The Hoosier is designated 358 Hoosier 1.8″ and the 1.6″ versions still exists.  The longer version of the IDC is designated the “358 IDC II”.

If you want to read the complete information check these links.


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12 responses to “Indiana Allows Longer Cartridges

  1. Lots of great information. Thank you for posting.

    • There is a lot of misconception about the .243 cartridge being a legal handgun cartridge to take deer in Indiana. My interpretation of the 2012 regulations is the .243 cartridge is NOT legal due to the case length exceeds the maximum legal length of 1.8″. My “opponents” are saying the law reads .243 is the smallest bullet allowed and the .243 cartridge IS LEGAL to take deer in Indiana. Who is correct? Thank you

  2. Seems clear to me from the information at the attached links that the 243 Winchester would not be legal, it is too long to meet the clear definition. However by that same definition the 6mm BR, 6mm PPC, 6mm TCU, 6×45, and many others would be totally acceptable in a pistol. Other great choices would be the 6.5 BPC (Grendel) and variants, and the 6.5 TCU.
    Just makes it fun for shooters to think about all the possibilities that have opened up to them.

  3. Steve

    IN A HANDGUN…….the 243 is perfectly legal in Indiana……just not in a rifle.

    You stats above are the RIFLE rules. Handguns ONLY have the limitation of .243 bore and larger. You could hunt with a 375 H&H handgun in indiana……..repeat HANDGUN.

    Its RIFLES that have the minimum .357 bore and 1.8 max length brass regulations.

    Please go back and reread all regulations. Its listed clearly.

  4. Steve

    Oops…..the handguns also have a MINIMUM brass length too….its the rifles that have a MAXIMUM length. I believe the length of a .357 Rem mag brass is the least a handgun brass may be.
    Sorry for the addition.

    There are a few “wildcat” rifle rounds being built in Indiana for rifle use.
    358 HDH, 358 WSSM, 358 Hoosier………and one more coming very very soon. Watch for the 350 CXP2……in websites and conversations near you. *grin*. I know of two being built as we speak……mine. LOL

  5. reamerrentals

    Steve, I updated the links in the post as the state changed it’s links.

    You are correct that for Handgun any cartridge .243″ or larger of any length over 1.16″ are acceptable. My apologies I skipped over the handgun portion of the discussion.

  6. Elvis

    There’s deer in Indiana? Geesh, who’da thunk it?


  7. Wolfsbane

    This law effectively knocks most modern bottleneck rifle cartridges out of the running for hunting in Indiana.

    How did they get away with this? I’d think hunters would hit the roof over this kind of restriction. Or was Indiana an shotgun only hunting state prior to this law?

  8. Disgruntled_IN_Hunter

    12 years ago prices for deer tags in Indiana began to increase. I told a Conservation Officer that it was a deterrent to controlling the deer herds in the state. I hope they legalize bazookas for all you guys. Indiana can drown in deer as far as I am concerned.

  9. reamerrentals

    We just added the 358 IDC reamer at 4D Reamer Rentals LTD. It was designed to meet these regulations. You can rent it at our site,

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