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Giving Back to our Veterans

AGI is hosting a very cool event this summer that will benefit the “Pathway Home” !

About The Pathway Home:

The Pathway Home is a non-profit, residential recovery program for veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq who deal with the challenges of Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Our mission is to provide returning veterans and active duty members with the tools needed to manage mental health issues that arose during and after military deployment, so they can effectively complete educational programs; gain employment; maintain healthy personal relationships; and successfully reintegrate into society.

The event is called GUNSTOCK and if your into gunsmithing as a hobby or a job this is an event that will benefit you.  I think the best part is that you can have fun and help support recovering veterans all at the same time.  AGI (American Gunsmithing Institute) is the host for this multi-day event.  There will be class time with AGI’s instructors where you can have one on one time to learn and discuss guns in depth.

Some of the instructors who will be in attendance are:

Bob Dunlap

Ken Brooks

Gene Shuey

Darrell Holland

and yours truly Fred Zeglin among others.

There will be class time and range time every day of the event.  There is plenty of time to visit, make friends, and socialize as well as expand your gunsmithing knowledge and ability to make more money.  For full details on the event check out this site:



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