The Double Tap from Heizer Defense

This is the first model offered by Heizer specifically designed for the concealed carry market.  A light weight (14 oz.) and durable back-up pistol made with either a titanium or aluminum  frame.  Caliber choices are currently limited to 9mm or 45 ACP.  The trigger is a double action ridding on ball bearings.  Two rounds in the chambers and room for two more stored inside the grip.  It has a break-action and optional ported barrels.

100% U.S. Made pistol

Double Tap™ Tactical PistolSuggested Retail Prices Non-Ported Ported
Aluminum $499.00 $569.00
Titanium $729.00 $799.00


October 11, 2012  Raymond B. Kohout, Inventor, DoubleTap announced today that he terminated his agreement with Heizer to manufacture the DoubleTap.  Apparently the company was not able to produce the gun in quantities required to fill orders.  Kohout is looking for a new manufacturer to build his design.  This little gun has received a fair amount of attentions since it’s introduction, don’t be surprised if it comes back to the market very soon.


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4 responses to “The Double Tap from Heizer Defense

  1. mmmmmmmm I’m not sure. Let’s see; 400+ to 700+ for two shots. Very concealable. No gun tests reviews. Really neat idea –
    But I’ll stick with my 625 until somebody shoots this and talks about it. It’s big and doesn’t conceal well (which i don’t care about) so somebody shoot this little pistol and tell us about it.
    Remember the important part of CCL is that you’re legal to carry – the CCL does not require concealment – it just permits it.

    • reamerrentals

      Just a new product from Shot Show 2012, not an endorsement. Lighten up, life is too short to run around raining on the parade. 😉

      • Don’t get me wrong – if I had the $$ I know i’d buy one – – tested or not
        I figure if their lawyers let ’em sell them they’ve got to have been safety tested. I figure 2 .45s = 5 .38s then I run away.!! Derringers are derringers but a double action derringer is indeed an exciting derringer!!!

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