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Miller Precision Arms Brings New Muzzle Brake to the Market.

Brandon of  Miller Precision Arms with his new Hammerhead muzzle brake.

Normally when I am asked about muzzle brakes I tell guys they all work about the same.  Reducing felt recoil by about 30%. That is not the case with this brake, Brandon Miller pictured at left with his design has totally rethought the concept of recoil reduction and muzzle brakes.

Brandon calls his new brake the “Hammerhead”.  He has already scaled the design up for larger calibers, so they will be available for heavy recoiling rifle very soon.

I had a chance to test fire this brake at a range in Oklahoma.  This new design keeps the crosshairs/sights on target at all times.  Recoil from the test gun in 5.56 Nato was straight back and so slight that if not for the sound it would be hard to believe this was a center fire rifle.  Percentage wise I would guess recoil is down by ninety % or more.

Shooters sitting beside you at the range will not like you much, but this brake is for fast shooting, not bench work.  Competitive shooters will eat this new design up.  I would go so far as to say that if you don’t have one, the shooters who do, will leave you in the dust.  It’s not often that I am impressed by a product the way I was with this one.  I would not hesitate to recommend or sell this new offering from Miller Precision Arms.


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