Portable Cleaning Tank from Secure Firearms Products

Showing how the sealled cleaning containg fits in the bottom of the MTM box.

Demonstrating how the new cleaning tank easily fits in the MTM field box.


OK, your at the range and realize that your gun or more likely a clients gun is so gummed up with crud that it will not function.   Don’t you just hate wasted trips to the range?

The guys at Secure Firearms Products hate those wasted trips too.  So they came up with a way to take a solvent tank to the range without the mess and smell in your car.

They make these tanks in a couple of sizes.  The small tank fits inside the MTM AC11 and AC35 ammo cans.  The solvent tank has a seal but just in case it might leak or you spill solvent on the outside of the tank.  Just set the sealed thank in the MTM ammo can and seal it up.  NO muss, no fuss, best of all no smell.

Large and small tanks available.

Note the lift out tray so you don't have to fish for parts.

Also a great solution for hobby smiths who do not have room for a big cleaning area.  This tank can be closed up and put away when not in use making it a convenient and useful tool for any shop with limited space.

The lift out trays have hooks built in so they can hang over the tank and allow the solvent to drain back into the tank without spill.  In the upper right of the photo above you can see the gasket material that seals the lid to the tank.

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