Firearms Guide 2011, DVD

Comprehensive resource for gun nuts.Picked this guide up at the Shot Show, over the years I have probably seen twenty of these either in print or on CD.  I have to be honest though, this is the first time I have looked through a guide like this and enjoyed myself.

It is easy to use, loads fast on the computer, and the interface is pretty intuitive.  The folks at Impressum Media, Inc. really did impress me with this collection of data.

There are schematics from 130 different manufacturers, 500 printable targets.  But that is just a small part of what is on this disc.  There are pictures of the various models of guns.

Factory ammo is well represented with details including bullet weight, # of rounds per box, suggested retails, and even a little commentary about the caliber.  Some include velocity, energy, and the length of barrel used to test the ammo.  Pictures accompany most if not all cartridge listed.

The menus allow you to jump from one area of the guide to another with just a click of the mouse.  You can sort data by caliber, manufacturer, model and a host of other data points.  I even found my own address information in the FFL Locator.

The Firearm Guide includes information on a claimed 50,000 + guns.  I counted 15 different ways I could sort the the gun or feature that I’m interested in.  There is a picture for each model listed and you can zoom in to see details, I found the serial # in more than one picture and could read the #. If you need more detail than this you better get in the car and head to the gun shop.

Ok, I am done gushing…  I am going to do some research, I wonder how many different model rifles come in 6.5 mm Grendel?

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