How To: Update an old 10-22, Part II kindly donated this Revolution stock for this project.

Here is the stock I selected for this rifle. sells these.

When I decided to dress up this old 10-22 a new stock was an obvious choice.  Because of the configuration of my new McGowen barrel I needed a stock that would lend itself well to the barrel.

If you read part one of this article you probably noticed the triangular shape of my new barrel.  The flats were stopped at a point ahead of the standard forearm on a factory stock.  The barrel started out as a standard .920″ bull barrel, the flats add surface area to dissipate heat and stiffen the barrel.  Not to mention it looks pretty cool, as well as being different from most of the other barrels on the market.

When I ordered the stock from I already knew it would be a good idea to cut the stock back to feature the new barrel and improve to overall look.  In the picture below you can see that the flats of the barrel extend below the stock line on the forend, that just looks tacky.

marking the stock to be cut off.

Two considerations governed the choice to cut the stock at the marked location; First the slots cut in the stock severely limited my choice.  Second I looked at the profile of the stock to see where it would look and feel more balanced if cut.

Stock cut to accommodate the new McGowen barrel.

New profile created by cutting the Revolution 10-22 stock forend.

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