How To: Update an old 10-22, Part I

Here is the setup for crowning with this simple piloted tool.

11 degree Crowning tool rented from 4D Reamer Rentals LTD.

Here is an easy set-up for crowning.  This tool is an 11 degree crowning tool with a set of interchangeable pilots.  I rented this from 4D Reamer Rentals LTD so that I could quickly and accurately crown this 10-22 barrel.  This set-up is in the lathe with a floating reamer holder.  I put the lathe in back gears and run it slow to avoid any chatter, that with plenty of oil leaves a nice finish, as seen below.

After crowning, the muzzle is nice and smooth.

Notice the concave look of the muzzle once crowned.

I will add a little more about the project gun every few days.  Its a fun way to turn an old beat up 22 into  a new and accurate toy, maybe even a competitor.


Read on: How to Update an Old 10-22, Part II

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