Restocking a Rifle by Alvin Linden

Published originally in 3 separate booklets.

  1. The Inletting of Gunstock Blanks and
    Modifications of the 1903 Springfield
  2. The Shaping of Inletted Blanks and
    Alterations to the Winchester Model 70
  3. The Finishing of Gunstocks and
    Conversions of the 1917 Enfield Rifle

Published by Thomas G. Samworth originally.
In 1969 the one-volume book was published by Stackpole Books.
Library of Congress #69-16152

This is a book that is not vary common, but if you’re interested in building stocks for rifles it is extremely valuable.  Alvin Linden was a talented stock maker and sketch artist.  This book teaches you how to work from a blank a skill that is dying way as most gunsmiths cannot charge enough to cover the time required for this work.  Most work from pre-carved blanks.  I know several gunsmiths including myself who make our own patterns and then either farm out the carving work with our pattern, or own a pantograph duplicating carver.

There are plenty of illustrations in the book so that Linden is able to show what he means when it comes to techniques that the novice might not understand if only described in writing.  A number of tool and methods are shown in the text which can make the job of working a blank of wood much easier.

If your book is found complete, there will be three full scale posters, printed both sides.  These were drawn by Alvin Linden in support of his writings.  If you were left with any questions from the text this material should answer those questions.

While there are only three guns covered here there is certainly enough material for a creative wood worker to build a stock for just about any action.  I am aware of one other item that is a great supplement to this book as it lays out the dimensions for a modern classic rifle stock in a way that can be applied to any action as well.

In short, this book by Alvin Linden is a must have for anybody interested in stock making.  But if you a gunsmith or a gunsmithing student, you should jump on this book if you see one.  Good Reading!


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6 responses to “Restocking a Rifle by Alvin Linden

  1. Dan Maynard

    Is this book copyrighted

    • reamerrentals

      Yes it is. Stackpole is the publisher. I remember checking to see if the copyright was current and it was. Originally this was published in pieces by Samworth. The edition mentioned in this post is a compilation of earlier works.

  2. Ernie Stanley

    Old school reading and instructing at its best. Writer assumes reader has common sense (hoss sense) and is teachable. Text is laced with personal wit and wisdom from a bygone day when one might meet colorful (and gifted) people who were individuals in their own right.
    A double treat: One, you are taught all aspects of making a top notch rifle stock from a blank. And two, you are meeting someone who is as delightful and colorful as he is a top notch artisan. Americana at its best!

  3. Hi! Thanks for the Alvin Linden recommendations. By the way, the link for the the additional source you left does not appear to be working.

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