Cylinder & Slide Shop Offers .45 ACP Pocket Model 1911

Colt's Pocket Model

Colt's Pocket Model, came in 32 ACP & 380 ACP.

Bill Laughridge, President of Cylinder and Slide Inc. came up with a unique twist on the venerable old 1911 pistol.  Bill says he, “Always wanted to produce a 45 ACP Pocket Model style pistol.”
During the days when the Pocket Model was in the Colt line-up most men still carried a gun to protect themselves, their families, and their property from harm.  These gun had rounded edges, and no exposed hammer to get caught on clothing.  The sleek design is as pleasing to the eye today as it was a hundred years ago.


Bill worked with Gary Smith of Caspian Arms, utilizing a commander length slide and an Officers model frame as the basis for this specialized handgun, the work started.  Once the prototype was complete Gary Smith went to work at Caspian to help make the specialized frame and slides that Bill would need to put this dream gun into limited production.  Only 50 of these guns will be available each year. 

Quality parts are used for the rest of the gun, Jarvis barrels are used, while the internal parts are mostly Cylinder and Slide Inc. parts.  Wolff springs finish out the package.  Cylinder and Slide offer a standard version of this gun or you can call them and add custom features you suit your tastes.  Not many guns turn my head after so many years of smithing, but this 45 Pocket  Model sure did!



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2 responses to “Cylinder & Slide Shop Offers .45 ACP Pocket Model 1911

  1. paul genovese

    i have aruger old army want to change handel to a birdshead. can you help?

    • reamerrentals

      You need to look for a gunsmith who specializes in Cowboy Action Shooting. All else fails check with the Custom Pistolsmith’s Guild.

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