“The Heller Case ~ Gun Rights Affirmed” by Kopel and Korwin

If you interested in this Decision from the Supreme Court last year this book will satisfy your curiosity.  The book is designed to be a reference guide for the Heller Case and related materials.  For instance all of the amicus briefs filed with the court are included in this text along with the full decision.

If that’s not enough a collection of comments from politicians and news media folks tell you just how much many of them are disturbed by this decision.  Knowledge is your best weapon when it comes to fighting for your rights.  Now that the Second Amendment has been affirmed the anti-gun crowd will be mounting a renewed battle to destroy it.  The book can be ordered from:  GunLaws.com


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2 responses to ““The Heller Case ~ Gun Rights Affirmed” by Kopel and Korwin

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