Sarah Brady on the Warpath for Anti-gun (Anti-Freedom) Legisaltion!

Sarah Brady said following the election of Obama, “As soon as President-elect Obama is inaugurated and the 111th Congress is sworn in, the Brady Campaign will be making an all-out push to advance our lifesaving legislative agenda… But that doesn’t mean we are waiting until Inauguration Day.”

The next couple of years will the toughest battle for existence… yes I said existence, that the American gun owner has faced since the GCA of 1968.  Now is the time to write your elected officials and tell them that you want your rights protected at all costs.  Don’t stop with Senators and Congressmen, write to your Governor as well.  As the head of your State government the Governor is a member of an elite group of politicians who can bring pressure to bear on issues of importance.

Tell your officials, NO NEW TAXES, and NO INCREASED TAXES on any part of the firearms industry or it’s products.  Make it clear that you care about this issue, and that you vote based on how officials deal with it.

The article linked below defines politically correct speech when applied to guns and gun laws.  It’s worth a read.


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3 responses to “Sarah Brady on the Warpath for Anti-gun (Anti-Freedom) Legisaltion!

  1. You forgot to mention to JOIN THE NRA.

    Like em or not the NRA does more good than bad for your 2nd amendment rights.

    If you are a gun owner, hunter or shooter and have not spent the measly $25.00 to support them you are an embarrassment to our cause.

    If we boosted the NRA membership to 10,000,000 no politician would dare take a shot at our constitutional rights.

  2. Such as supporting ex post facto law? Or maybe you mean some of the other compromises that the NRA has engaged in over the years..?

    I’m a Life Member of the NRA, and I say join Gun Owners of America. They don’t play games with your rights!

  3. C. Boutian

    I think you Anti-Gunners have the whole picture wrong. The very laws that Brady helped write have been used to get the shooters off. Laws makers have made the laws that allow these attorneys to get the criminals free. So , we thank all of our officials for thinking so highly of us. We need to do two things to stop gun crime. One, educate our children to learn the safe ways to handle guns . Guns can be useful and enjoyable if one uses them correctly. Two, use the police that we are using now for ( drugs and prositution stings where we are loosing ), gang violence. We need to support the laws we have in place now and if they are not working , change them.
    I am a honest law abiding person . I have no tickets
    I don’t do drugs. I have a permit to carry a weapon.
    I feel safer, I feel that am protecting others out there. I know if I came upon one of you anti-gunners sister or brother facing death from a thug you would want me to save their life. At least I hope you would . It upsets me that Sarah Brady thinks that no one should have a weapon but police. She reminds me of Rosie Odonald. The public is not suppose to have weapons to protect themselves but Rosie can have armed guards follow her around to protect her from someone she may have pissed off with her month. Sadly to , there is never a police around when you need one. Bang Bang , your dead. Where was the police ? Filling out the paper work from the last shooting.
    You have no idea what will happen if the guns were taken away. You will not be able to go out to go to work. You will be a prisoner in your own home. Rethink what you are saying. It makes no since.

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