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Brownells Gunsmith Job Fair


  Gunsmiths and gunsmithing students about to graduate, this is the one and only opportunity to meet with employers from all around the country. Bring your resume and talk to “big names” in the industry – manufacturers, custom shops, retailers, service centers.  Plus you can attend seminars with reps from the NRA, BATF, NSSF, and learn from a panel of experienced gunsmithing professionals – and that’s just the first day!

If you’re an employer you’ll have over 120 qualified gunsmiths to choose from – lots more applicants than any ad in your local newspaper could ever hope to generate.   Whether you want someone to train in your style, or someone who can start generating income right away, they’ll all be here.

    Sign up today and jump start a rewarding career or staff your business with some new talent. Day 1 (April 17th, 2009)-  The Meadows Events & Conference Center at Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino, Altoona, Iowa

Day 2 (April 18th, 2009)- Brownells and Big Springs Shooting Complex, Montezuma, Iowa and Searsboro, Iowa

 This event is hosted by Brownells:





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CDC Study on Lead Contamination of Hunters.

Are lead bullets, or bullets containing a lead core a credible danger to consumers of game meat shot with them?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), released by the North Dakota Department of Health, showing no evidence that lead or “traditional” ammunition pose any health risk to those who consume harvested game meat.   Recent scare tactics by anti-hunting and anti-gun groups have included the suggestion that lead poisoning can occur from eating meat that had been killed with any bullet containing lead.  Anti-hunting groups want to call for a ban on ammunition or bullets containing lead.  This study by the CDC proves that there is no threat to humans of lead contamination from game meat.

In looking at the study results, the average lead level of the hunters tested was lower than that of the average American. In other words, if you were to randomly pick someone on the street, chances are they would have a higher blood lead level than the hunters in this study.

Also of note, the lead levels of children under 6 in the study had a mean of just 0.88, less than half the national average. Children over 6 had even lower lead levels. The CDC’s level of concern for lead in children is 10.

Also demonstrating their understanding that game harvested with traditional ammunition is safe to consume, the ND Department of Health, following the release of the CDC study results, encouraged hunters to continue donating venison to local food banks as long as processing guidelines were adhered to.

The Peregrine Fund — an organization dedicated to eliminating the use of lead ammunition for hunting, was among those pushing for a ban on lead in North Dakota.  These politically driven groups understand that while an outright ban on hunting would be nearly impossible to achieve, dismantling the culture of hunting one step at a time is a realistic goal. Banning lead ammunition is the first step of this larger political mission. We can only hope that with the conclusive CDC results concerning the safety of traditional ammunition, legislatures across the country will listen to science and not anti-hunting radicals.


Facts Hunters Should Know from the CDC Study . . .

1. Consuming game harvested using traditional hunting ammunition does not pose a human health risk.

2. Participants in the study had readings lower than the national average and well below the level the CDC considers to be of concern.

3. Children in the study had readings that were less than half the national average and far below the level the CDC considers to be of concern.

4. The study showed a statistically insignificant difference between participants who ate game harvested using traditional hunting ammunition and the non-hunters in the control group.

5. Hunters should continue to donate venison to food pantries.

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New Production Winchester Model 70 Rifles

By now most shooters are aware that FN owns the Winchester name.  FN has a production facility in Columbia, South Carolina, where they produce military contract firearms.  This plant is the new home of the Winchester M70.  Barrels are hammer forged, actions are still made from forgings, and all Model 70’s manufactured during 2008 will have a special floor plate marked, “2008 Model 70 Special Edition”.

FN decided that the old Model 70 design deserved a new trigger, dubbed the M.O.A. trigger.  This is a three lever trigger that provides a 2 to 1 mechanical advantage.  Unlike the old model 70 trigger, this trigger is held in a housing, probably the best part of this new trigger is that they are factory adjusted to 3.5 pounds.  That is pretty light when compared to some triggers on factory rifles running up to 6 pounds.

The first offerings will be limit to nine calibers including all three WSM calibers, also available will be 30-06, 270, 243, 7mm-08, 308, and 300 Winchester.  It’s good to see this old friend back on the market.



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Founder of Cooper Arms Ousted!

Dan Cooper founder of Cooper Arms recently made a huge mistake he decided to support anti-gun candidate for Presidential office, Barack Obama. CQ Moneyline compiles election records and reports that Cooper gave $3300 to Obama’s election campaign. First reported in a USA Today article on October 27, 2008; this political donation cause an uproar among gun owners, hunters, shooters, and the firearms trade as a whole.

Barack Obama has been identified as the most anti-gun candidate in Presidential political history, visit the NRA-ILA site for complete details on Obama’s position: this information in mind firearms owners are hard pressed to understand how any gun manufacturer could be so reckless and foolish as to support Obama for any election, let alone the Presidency of the United States.

Cooper Arms posted an announcement on their web site, “Although we believe everyone has the right to vote and donate as they see fit. It has become apparent that the fallout may affect more than just Mr. Cooper. It may also affect the employees and the share holders of Cooper Firearms. The Board of Directors has asked Mr. Cooper to resign as President.”

Dan Cooper made a statement to USA Today on Thursday the 30th of October, that he resigned as President of Cooper arms to protect the employees and shareholders of Cooper Arms. Cooper said, “When the Internet anger turned on these innocent people, I felt it was important to distance myself from the company so as not tot cause any further harm.”

The American Hunters & Shooters Association is an anti-gun front group that pretends to be pro-gun as evidenced by this quote from their web site, “AHSA is a non-partisan organization that advocates and advances sensible public policies. We will never support unfettered access to all types of weapons.”1

One of their writers, Ray Schoenke blogged the following;

       “Today, on behalf of the American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA), I condemned the actions  by the NRA and its cronies forcing Dan Cooper out. 

       The gun lobby’s attempt to destroy a good man and small business owner, a loyal member of the gun fraternity, again reveals the desperate Joe McCarthy-like politics of fear that the NRA leadership and others put first.  They are trying to scare America’s hunters and shooters into voting against Barack Obama — but we have one thing to say: vote hope and not fear.”2

These guys from the AHSA assume that gun owners are stupid, uniformed, Bubba’s who will not be able to see them for the Liberal P.A.C. that they are. Invoking the name McCarthy is supposed to make capitalists and conservatives head for the hills covering our heads, after all we don’t want to be perceived as unreasonable or paranoid. It is interesting that the Liberals choose McCarthy as an attack vehicle, while the rampant anti-communism that McCarthyism brought was dangerous and often unwarranted, the most frightening result of it was to force real Socialists to duck and cover. They found a hiding place in the Democratic Party where they have flurished now for almost three generations and have usurped it as their own.

It is clear that Obama represents the greatest threat to gun ownership in U.S. History. Earlier in October while at a campaign stop in Lebanon, Ohio, Obama said, “I believe in the Second Amendment. I believe in the people’s lawful right to bear arms. I will not take your shotgun away. I will not take your rifle away. I won’t take your handgun away.” Fortunately for us we have Barack Obama’s voting record and previous speeches to revue to see if his is telling the truth… He is not!

Pay close attention to Obama’s statement above, it would not preclude him from a number of other highly restrictive moves. Firearms could be heavily taxed to the point that nobody could afford to buy new ones, effectively destroying the gun industry. Ammunition could be taxed or restricted to the point that you would not be able to afford or acquire it. Travel with firearms could be restricted, making ownership a mute point. Making the manufacture of new firearms illegal would not preclude you from owning one but would be a long term method of eliminating them.


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