Gunsmith or Firearms Industry Hall of Fame!

Years ago a privately owned “Hall of Fame” for gunsmiths was started. Naturally it did not survive the business that started it. It would be nice to see a true Hall of Fame for gunsmiths, barrel makers, engravers, etc. housed in a permanent location.

P.O. Ackley and Harry Pope were the first inducties into the now defunct Hall of Fame, I would suggest that they should be in the first class inducted into any new and permanant Hall of Fame. In order to make this happen we would need a Museum of good reputation and longevity to take on the task of maintaining a collection in relation to the Hall of Fame. The NRA has a National Firearms Museum, and another natural choice would be the Cody Firearms Museum.

There are numerous people who have toiled their entire life in the gun industry and they should be remembered for thier contributions to the trade. Let me know what you think of the idea.


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2 responses to “Gunsmith or Firearms Industry Hall of Fame!

  1. Terrance Smith

    I’m a African-American gun smith and I’ve been thinking about that for years I want to open up my own training school with Law Enforcement Training I want to work on Criminal Justice Reform and teach the skills of gunsmithing I have a group on Facebook called gunsmith s thing group

  2. Terrance Smith

    I love the craftsmanship of gunsmithing I love the math I’ve loved the people that I met in my group that I created on Facebook Gunsmithing is a natural ability there comes in time. Yes you do have mentors and people to teach you to craft but your talents will come out if you stay working on your craft that means your natural ability of greatness will come keep working on being the best gunsmith that you can be and promote the industry at all times.

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